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Postcard of the "Country Fare," formerly the Whiton House Tavern

This postcard depicts the Whiton House tavern in 1755, which was owned by the Whiton family. The building has served as a number of different restaurants and is located in Queen Ann's Corner in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Postcard of Old Ship Church

This item is a postcard containing an image of the Old Ship Church, which is located on Main Street in Hingham, Massachusetts. The exterior of the church is shown, including the bell tower. The surrounding lawn is shown, as is the front fence. …

Postcard of Old Derby Academy

This item is a sepia tone postcard of Old Derby Academy, which was located on Main Street in Hingham, Mass. It shows the exterior of the three story building as well as the staircase leading up to it. Trees and bushes can be seen in the yard, with…

Postcard of New North Church

This item is a postcard with a photograph on it depicting the exterior of the New North Church at an unknown date. The photograph shows not only the main portion of the building, but also the bell tower and clock. Trees and bushes can be seen…

Postcard of Melville Garden at Downer Landing

This postcard depicts Melville Garden, an amusement park located at Downer Landing in Hingham, Mass. during the second half of the 19th century. The postcard shows many colorful buildings and attractions as well as recreational boats sailing in and…

Postcard of Main Street in Hingham, MA

This item is a postcard depicting Main Street in Hingham, Mass. at an unknown date. It is a drawn image which shows houses, trees, and telephone lines along the street. It appears to be a fairly rural neighborhood.

Postcard of Governor John D. Long's Residence, Hingham, MA

This postcard depicts former Governor John Davis Long's home in Hingham, Mass., which was located on Cottage Street. The image shows a large house with a gazebo next to it and a well-maintained lawn with trees and bushes on it.

Postcard of an Early Fire Engine in Hingham, Mass.

This item is photograph depicting a firefighter sitting on a large, steam-powered fire engine in front of a Hingham, Mass. fire station. The engine is being pulled by two horses. The photograph was most likely taken in the second half of the 19th…

Postcard from Milton M. Fisher to Samuel Downer regarding the future publication of his reunion speech

The front of this postcard from Milton M. Fisher is addressed to Samuel Downer. On the back, Fisher informs Samuel Downer that he has sent the speech he made during the reunion of the Free Soil Party to the Medway Journal for publication.  He then…

Postcard from Jabez L. M. Curry to Samuel Downer requesting a copy of the reunion proceedings

On the back of this postcard Jabez L. M. Curry states that he has read the New York Herald's account of the Free Soil Party reunion and is very interested in it. He is particularly interested in the history of political parties in the United States…