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  • Collection: Free Soil Party Reunion Papers, 1877-1921

Regular Free Soil ticket broadside for representatives to the General Court

This broadside, which contains an image of the United States seal, advertises the Free Soil Party ticket for the Massachusetts General Court. The two candidates are Henry Humphreys and Asaph Churchill. There are two copies of this broadside.

Free Soil Party ticket broadside

This broadside, which contains an image of the Great Seal of the United States, advertises the politicians running for office in Massachusetts on the Free Soil Party Ticket. They include those running for President and Vice President, as well as…

Poem written for the reunion of the Free Soil Party

This poem, written in honor of the Reunion of the Free Soil Party on August 9, 1877, discusses the importance of the Free Soil movement in ensuring justice and freedom for all peoples in the United States. It expounds upon the difficulties…

Newspaper clippings from the Lowell Daily Citizen

These two newspaper clippings were taken from July 26, 1877 edition of the Lowell Daily Citizen.  The first clipping contains two articles.  The first discusses the Free Soil Party's Buffalo Convention in 1848 as well as the proposed reunion in…

Newspaper clippings from the Boston Herald

This item includes two newspaper clippings. One is a Boston Herald newspaper clipping of an article titled "Then and Now." The article is on the formation of the Free-Soil Party with notice of the reunion scheduled for August 9, 1877. The other is…

Edition of the Boston Daily Whig

This newspaper edition includes articles on the tenets of the late Whig Party, the National Free Soil Party Convention in Buffalo, expressions of the desire to have Free Soil Party Conventions in other states, other Free Soil Meetings, the importance…

Newly Discovered Fourth of July Oration by the Illustrious Orator and Statesman, Daniel Webster, Delivered at Fryeburg, ME., in the Year 1802, and Now for the First Time Given to the Public

The pamphlet begins with a preface which discusses the disappearance of the oration, its sudden appearance, and the importance of Daniel Webster to history. It also includes biographical information regarding Webster's life. In the following speech…

Address delivered in the Pavilion at Downer Landing, Sunday, August 14, 1881

This pamphlet contains the address by Samuel Downer on the true conviction of religious faith, and honors three men who have left impressions on him: Horace Mann, Samuel Gridley Howe and Theodore Parker.

Reunion of the Free-Soilers of 1841, at Downer Landing, Hingham, Mass, August 9, 1877

This pamphlet describes the events which took place during the reunion of the Free Soil Party at Downer's Landing on August 9, 1877. This pamphlet contains the Circular of Invitation, list of invitees, speeches and remarks given or intended by…

The Barbarism of Slavery : Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner on the Bill for the Admission of Kansas as a Free State, in the United States Senate, June 4, 1860

This pamphlet reprints a speech made by Charles Sumner in front of the United States Senate on June 4, 1860. In his speech Charles Sumner describes the evils of slavery and the need to make slavery in the new state of Kansas illegal. It includes a…