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This item is a hand drawn sketch of various plots of land given to to the early settlers of Hingham, Mass. It shows the location of the plots, their owners, and when they received the land. The plots are all surrounding the Common, which contained…

This image is a silhouette of Thomas Melville. He was a merchant in Boston, a member of the Sons of Liberty Party, and a participant in the Boston Tea Party. He was the grandfather of Nancy Melville, who was Samuel Downer's wife.

This item is an article from an edition of the Saturday Transcript from June of 1932.  It discusses the 125th anniversary of New North Church in Hingham, Massachusetts, including related celebrations, the history of the church, the building of the…

This broadside, which contains an image of the United States seal, advertises the Free Soil Party ticket for the Massachusetts General Court. The two candidates are Henry Humphreys and Asaph Churchill. There are two copies of this broadside.

These images depict portions of a muster roll pertaining to the service of Andrew J. Clark, who was a soldier during the Civil War. The document includes such information as when Clark mustered in and out, his age, and place of birth.

This item is a postcard showing a port quarter view of the USS Marblehead (C-11), which was a United States Navy Cruiser. It was launched in August of 1892 and decommissioned in August of 1919. The cruiser was used in both the Spanish-American War…

This item is a postcard with an image of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument on it. It memorializes the United States Civil War (especially those who fought in it), and is located in the Hingham Cemetery. It is shaped as a pillar and has writing on…

This item is a postcard depicting the interior of the New North Church in Hingham, Mass. at an unknown date. The pews and doors on the first floor can be seen, as well as the clock and flags above them. Above the first floor is an ornate organ as…

This item is a postcard containing an image of General Benjamin Lincoln's house in Hingham, Massachusetts. Located at 181 North Street, parts of this house were built by original settler Thomas Lincoln, who came to Hingham around 1635.

This item is a postcard depicting the Cushing House Hotel, which was bought by George Cushing in 1872. Prior to his purchase it was known as Drew's Hotel. The image shows the main building which was long with a veranda, as well as the stables. …
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