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Address delivered in the Pavilion at Downer Landing, Sunday, August 14, 1881

This pamphlet contains the address by Samuel Downer on the true conviction of religious faith, and honors three men who have left impressions on him: Horace Mann, Samuel Gridley Howe and Theodore Parker.

Twenty-Third Anniversary of the Massachusetts Total Abstinence Society. Third Unitarian Church, Hingham, Sunday Evening, Feb. 18th, 1894

This item is a flyer for the 23rd anniversary celebration of the Massachusetts Total Abstinence Society, which promoted temperance. The flyer indicates that the celebration will be held at the Third Unitarian Church in Hingham, Mass on February 18,…

Cover of the Transactions of the Hingham Agricultural and Horticultural Society, for the Year 1876

This item is the cover of the Transactions of the Hingham Agricultural and Horticultural Society, for the Year of 1876.  It includes a drawing of a man in front of a fence, holding a large amount of straw. Behind the fence is a horse, who is eating…

Excerpt From the Speeches of John A. Andrew at Hingham and Boston, Together With His Testimony Before the Harper's Ferry Committee of the Senate, In Relation to John Brown. Also The Republican Platform and Other Matters

These materials are excerpts from a pamphlet detailing several speeches made by Governor John Albion Andrew. This particular speech was made in Hingham, Massachusetts in 1860 when Andrew was running for the position of Governor of Massachusetts on…

54th Massachusetts Regiment Recruiting Poster

This image is a poster attempting to recruit African American men into the 54th Massachusetts Regiment during the American Civil War. It discusses the fact that soldiers will receive a $100 bounty as well as $13 per month. Their families would also…

A List of the Persons Belonging to the First Foot Company of Hingham, and What Each of Them Have Paid in the War from an Age of Sixteen to Sixty, March 30th 1757

This document is a list of all members in the First Foot Company of Hingham, Mass. as of March 30, 1857. These would have been men prepared to fight in the French and Indian War. The position of each member is included, such as Doctor, Major,…

Billhead from the Downer Kerosene Oil Company, 1869

This item is a billhead indicating that A. Hollingsworth bought, and paid for, $56.30 of materials from the Downer Kerosene Oil Company. The top of the billhead is printed, and includes such information as the name of the company, its officers,…

Cemetery Sketches by George Lincoln

This is a set of three papers detailing information about the gravestones of different historic Hingham residents. The handwritten material includes drawings of the gravestones, the full-text of the words on them, and notes regarding the families…

Cover of the 1890 Players' National League Baseball Guide

This item is the cover of the 1890 Players' National League Baseball Guide. There is an image of the League's Logo in the top, left-hand corner. It depicts a red eagle behind a United States flag in the shape of a shield. Surrounding them both are…

Cushing House & Livery Stable Receipt, 1885

This item is bill from the Cushing House & Livery Stable to the town of Hingham. It states that the town owes the establishment fifty cents for the use of its team of horses. The bill is dated December 31, 1885 but there is a stamp on it indicating…