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Portrait Photograph of George Cushing

This item is a portrait photograph of George Cushing. He is wearing a formal suit and bow tie. His hair is slicked back and he has side whiskers.

Cover of the 1890 Players' National League Baseball Guide

This item is the cover of the 1890 Players' National League Baseball Guide. There is an image of the League's Logo in the top, left-hand corner. It depicts a red eagle behind a United States flag in the shape of a shield. Surrounding them both are…

Deed for 507 Main Street, Hingham, 1890

This item is an 1890 deed for 507 Main Street in Hingham, Mass. It states that the property is being sold by William J and Maria C. Neff to Agnes Kelley, wife of Michael Kelley.

Portrait of Captain Richard Derby

This item is a painting of Captain Richard Derby. Derby was a prominent merchant who lived in Salem, Mass. during the 18th century. In the painting he is wearing a formal coat, white wig, and is holding a sailing telescope. He is seated next to a…

Excerpt from the Town Clerk's Office Records Regarding the Retirement of James I. Washington

This item is a resolution accepted by the residents of Hingham at the Annual Town Meeting in March of 1928. It discusses the dedicated and distinguished service of Washington Irving James in the police force. Having served for forty years, many of…

Letter from George Washington to William A. Washington

This item is a letter written from President George Washington to William Augustine Washington. The President regrets that the letter he sent in the fall was only recently received by William, but states that he does have some information regarding…

Letter From George Washington to Benjamin Lincoln Regarding the Southern Department

This item is a letter written by George Washington to General Benjamin Lincoln. Benjamin Lincoln was commander of the Southern Department at this time in the United States War of Independence. Written on July 30, 1779, the letter discusses the…

Cover of the Transactions of the Hingham Agricultural and Horticultural Society, for the Year 1876

This item is the cover of the Transactions of the Hingham Agricultural and Horticultural Society, for the Year of 1876.  It includes a drawing of a man in front of a fence, holding a large amount of straw. Behind the fence is a horse, who is eating…

Photograph of the USS New Orleans

This item is a photograph of the cruiser USS New Orleans, which was purchased from the Brazilian Navy in 1898 and used in the Spanish-American War. The image, taken in 1898, shows the cruiser from the front and side.

Billhead from the Downer Kerosene Oil Company, 1869

This item is a billhead indicating that A. Hollingsworth bought, and paid for, $56.30 of materials from the Downer Kerosene Oil Company. The top of the billhead is printed, and includes such information as the name of the company, its officers,…