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  • Collection: Free Soil Party Reunion Papers, 1877-1921

Photograph of the camera obscura exhibit building at Melville Garden

This photograph shows several men standing and sitting on the steps to the Camera Obscura (Camera = Room, Obscura = Dark). They are all wearing formal clothing. The building sits on top of a steep hill with trees and rocks on it. There is a…

Photograph of the Café and Music Hall at Melville Garden

This photograph shows the Café and Music Hall which were located on Otis Street at Melville Garden. Several male guests can be seen siting and standing outside near the buildings. There are multiple outdoor decorations, including a fountain, and…

Photograph of a building at Melville Garden

This photograph shows a group of men, wearing formal clothing, standing around a two-story building at Melville Garden. The upper story is only partially enclosed by a roof. The ground floor is completely enclosed, and appears to be a some sort of…

Photograph of the pier at Downer's Landing

Those photograph shows a group of men, women, and children standing on the pier at Downer's Landing. They are all wearing fancy clothing. Behind them are several elaborate gazebos and partially enclosed structures. The pier was located next to the…

Photograph of a Bridge at Melville Garden

This photograph shows an ornate bridge located over a road at Melville Garden. The bridge is in the tudor style and has high turrets. Through the trees, a road and large fence can be seen going under it. There is writing on the top of the bridge,…

Photograph of the Melville Garden's Clambake House

This photograph shows the exterior of the Clambake House located at Melville Garden. The long, two-storied building can be seen on the right, along with two smaller structures. Benches, ponds, decorative fountains, and decorative plants can also be…

Downer Family Coat of Arms

This image depicts the Downer Family Coat of Arms. It includes images of peacocks, shaking hands, and wings. The family motto on the coat of arms is "A Cruce Salus," which translates to "from the cross of salvation." The family colors are green,…

Photograph of Samuel Downer

This image is a portrait photograph of Samuel Downer. It shows him as an older man with a beard, and he is wearing a suit and tie.

Silhouette of Thomas Melville

This image is a silhouette of Thomas Melville. He was a merchant in Boston, a member of the Sons of Liberty Party, and a participant in the Boston Tea Party. He was the grandfather of Nancy Melville, who was Samuel Downer's wife.

Massachusetts Regular Free Soil ticket broadside

This broadside advertises the Free Soil Party ticket for the state of Massachusetts. Stephen C. Phillips is running for Governor and John Mills for Lieutenant Governor. Those running for senator are Jesse Pierce, Milton M. Fisher, and Edward L.…