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Painting of Dr. Ezekiel Hersey

This item is a painting of Dr. Ezekiel Hersey, a prominent physician who lived in Hingham, Massachusetts during the 18th century. The image, which was created in approximately 1760, depicts an older Dr. Hersey. He is sitting in a chair while…

Daily Independent Journal Article, "Hub City Anthropologist Helping the Disfigured"

This item is an article from 1974 discussing the career of sociologist Frances Cooke Macgregor. It focuses on her pioneering work to uncover the difficulties faced by individuals with facial disfigurements and deformities. It covers the books and…

Photograph of Frances Cooke Macgregor

This item is a black and white photograph of Frances Cooke Macgregor that was taken in 1976 for an article written in the Daily Indepdent Journal.  It shows Macgregor proofreading her latest book on the subject of facial disfigurements and plastic…

Map of Norfolk, England

This item is a portion of a map depicting Norfolk County in England during the 1790s. It displays the area in and around the village of Hingham. Topographical features of the area are drawn as well as important buildings. Some of the places…

Map of Dorchester, Dorset, England

This item is a hand drawn map of Dorchester, Dorset, England, which was created by John Speed in 1611. The map is in color and displays topographical as well as man-made features. There are two copies of the map - one of the original and another…

Hingham Journal Article, "Freedom Group Steps Up Local Equality Programs"

This item is a newspaper clipping taken from the Hingham Journal in 1968.  It discusses a meeting of the Hingham Freedom Movement in which President Kenneth Janey stepped down from the chapter's presidency and long-term projects were discussed.  The…

Declaration of Kenneth L. Janey Day

This item is a declaration from the City Council of Boston officially designating November 16, 1982 as Kenneth L. Janey. The declaration states that this was done to commemorate Janey's work for Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) as a…

Photograph of Kenneth Janey

This photograph depicts Kenneth L. Janey in his later years. He is smiling at the camera and is wearing a white, button-down shirt. It appears as though he is standing next to someone else who is not included in the photograph.

Letter from Andrew J. Clark Regarding the Battle of Roanoke Island

This item is a letter written by Andrew Jackson Clark to the readers of the Hingham Journal during the Civil War.  Written in February of 1862, it describes Clark's participation in the Battle of Roanoke Island.  It discusses his initial approach…

Cushing House & Livery Stable Receipt, 1885

This item is bill from the Cushing House & Livery Stable to the town of Hingham. It states that the town owes the establishment fifty cents for the use of its team of horses. The bill is dated December 31, 1885 but there is a stamp on it indicating…