Arts and Entertainment


Clambake House at Melville Garden

Hingham has also had its fair share of historians, entertainers, writers, and sports players.  Solomon and George Lincoln were two men of different generations dedicated to preserving the history of Hingham.  They both wrote books, studied genealogy, and became involved in many local clubs and organizations.  It is because of these two men that many historically important events and people are still known and celebrated today.

Although Samuel Downer was a very important man in the oil industry during th 19th century, he is most well-known for the creation of Melville Garden.  He established this amusement park in order to provide entertainment for people of all walks of life.  He succeeded, and his park became a destination for people living throughout Massachusetts.

Michael "King" Kelly was a late 19th century baseball player with a penchant for the dramatic.  Although extremely talented, it was his theatrical antics on the field - including arguing with umpires and finding loopholes in the rules - that made him the most beloved and well-paid player of his time.

Finally, Frances Cooke Macgregor was a 20th century woman of many talents.  She began her career as a photographer, which resulted in her collaboration with Eleanor Roosevelt to create the book This Is America.  The book gave a detailed look into life in Hingham during the late 1930s and early 1940s.  However, Frances was also a social scientist, pioneering the field of research into the effects of facial disfigurements and deformities.

These individuals made very different contributions to the world around them.  Some are of local reknown while others are national recognized.  Still, they all represent Hingham's belief in promoting recreation, entertainment, and the liberal arts.