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Billhead from the Downer Kerosene Oil Company, 1869

This item is a billhead indicating that A. Hollingsworth bought, and paid for, $56.30 of materials from the Downer Kerosene Oil Company. The top of the billhead is printed, and includes such information as the name of the company, its officers,…

Military Record of David H. Champlin

This item is the military record of Corporal David H. Champlin. It lists such information as his physical features, date of enlistment, rank, occupation, and place of birth. It also contains some information about his service, such as the fact that…

Excerpt from the Town Clerk's Office Records Regarding the Case of David H. Champlin

This document is an excerpt from the records of the Town Clerk. It discusses a decision made at the 1864 Annual Town Meeting regarding David H. Champlin. A volunteer in the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts during the Civil War, Champlin requested…

54th Massachusetts Regiment Recruiting Poster

This image is a poster attempting to recruit African American men into the 54th Massachusetts Regiment during the American Civil War. It discusses the fact that soldiers will receive a $100 bounty as well as $13 per month. Their families would also…

Drawing of Anthony Burns

This image shows a portrait drawing of fugitive slave Anthony Burns. Surrounding his portrait are other drawings representing his years as a slave, his subsequent escape in 1854, and his arrival in Boston. His arrest and eventual rendition are also…

Portrait Photograph of Daniel P. Livermore

This item is a portrait photograph of Daniel Parker Livermore taken in 1888, when Livermore was seventy years old. Livermore was a Universalist minister and social reformer. He was married to activist Mary Ashton Livermore.

Hingham Journal, Jan. 5, 1989, "Would Do It Again, Granahan Arrested Demonstrating At Pilgrim Plant"

This article from the Hingham Journal details the arrest of Alice "Pat" Granahan while she protested the Boston Edison Company's decision to reopen the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Almost thirty demonstrators were arrested…

Photograph of a peace banner at an activist parade

Photograph of the refurbished Peace Banner that Pat Granahan and fellow protestors brought all over Massachusetts

Photograph of Alice Patricia Granahan

This image is a photograph of Alice "Pat" Granahan standing on the beach. Granahan is an activist living in Hingham who is dedicated to several different causes, including clean energy.

Portrait Photograph of Andrew J. Clark

This is a photograph of Andrew J. Clark taken in his later years. Clark was a Civil War veteran from Hingham, Mass.